Essex Day Ticket Fishing Lakes – Where to Fish In Essex

In this article, I will be sharing some of the Essex Day Ticket Fishing lakes where you can fish. Also, I will share some lakes further a field where you can also have a days fishing. (Updates to come).

I have also, linked out to their websites where they have one so you can get more details from them too. I’ll let you know weather they are day ticket or membership lakes, how much they are to fish and for the hours you fish.

Let’s get you started with Essex Day Ticket Fishing lakes..

First, and the closes lake to me is North-lands park – Also, known as Two Lakes.

North-lands Park, Pitsea Essex

Yes, as you guest it has two lakes, One known as the café lake and the other known as the Road lake. The Cafe lake is more fish around course fishing and match fishing, thou it still has a good head of smaller carp with a few around 15lbs – 20lbs.

The Road lake is more set around the Carp fisherman and with a good head of Carp to around 15lbs – 28lbs being the biggest right now. The lakes are a total of around six and a half acres.

North-lands park is a day ticket lake – Set at a price of £10 per day. Night fishing is allowed at a cost of £10 per night for 2 rods.

Fish Spices – Roach, Rudd, Tench, Bream, Crucians Carp,Common Carp, Mirror Carp, Ghost Carp, Pike, Perch, Ell’s, Chub.

Address: E Mayne, Basildon, SS13 1, Essex, United Kingdom
Phone: 01268 520144

Baits – Maggot, Pellet, Boilie, Meats, Corn, Worm..

Gloucester Park, Basildon Essex.

Another local park lake close to me, Gloucester park has a good head of Carp. The biggest being around 26lb -29lb. On the right day it can produce some huge amounts of carp, carp anglers doing 20 or more in a single day session.

Match anglers often doing an average 100lb plus bags of carp, bream and Tench. Great silver fish action in the winter months, over caster and hemp.

Fish Spices – Common Carp, Mirror Carp, Grass Carp Roach, Bream, Tench, Barbel, Chub, Zander, Pike and there may be a catfish or two.

Address: Basildon, SS15 5, Essex, United Kingdom
Website – None 
Phone: 01268 520144

Baits – Maggot, Pellet, Boilie, Luncheon Meat Cat Meat, Corn, Worm Caster Fish-meal Ground-baits..

Grow Green Fishery Brentwood Essex.

Nice day ticket water to fish and a favourite of mine to. Was made bigger a couple years back, from around 1 half aches to now around 4 half aches.

Day tickets begin at £10 for adults 1 or 2 rods and £5 for an extra rod £7 for juniors/OAP

Night fishing is strictly for regular day anglers only

Main lake – to fish this lake you ought to have minimal 18lb line, minimal 42″ net and extra big unhooking mat, as there are some huge cats in this one. Some lovely Carp here to if you can get past the Cats.

NOTE: Please make certain that every item is dipped inside the dip tanks to guard the fish from sicknesses. Automatic Gate here to, so don’t get locked in or you’ll be charged.

Address: Days Ln, Pilgrims Hatch, Brentwood CM15 9SL
Phone: 01277 375172

Baits – Pellet, Boilie, Meats, Corn, Worm..

Crowsheath Fishery, Billericay Essex.

Specimen Carp to 40 , Catfish to 90 and Pike to twenty. Crowsheath Fishery is inside the heart of Essex on land a long way away from the passing traffic and busy towns. The lakes are set in a one hundred ten acres of farmland and rolling geographical region but nonetheless close enough to the cities.

There is plenty of secure floodlit parking that is watched over by way of cctv as well as having 24 hour bailiffs. We even have a male and woman toilet and bath block and feature smooth drinking water taps for using our customers.

NOTE: You must be on the lake by 7pm at the latest and 7am at the earliest. Any movements on or off the lake after or before this time must be notified or you will be refused entry.

Address: Crowsheath Farm, Hawkswood Road, Downham, Billericay CM11 1JT
No Website: They did have one but cant find it anywhere online right now. 
Phone: 07402 298218

Managed to find their facebook page –

Baits – Pellet, Boilie, Meats, Corn, Worm, Bread..

Honeypot Lakes Ingatestone Rd, Stock, Essex.

Honeypot Lakes has established itself as certainly one of Essex main day/night ticket venues supplying a variety of angling to fit anybody from kids to specimen carp enthusiasts. Carp to 35lbs and Cats 100lbs plus.

The fishery is set just outside of Stock. On web site there’s the choice of two lakes, a specimen carp and cat lake and a pleasure lake which holds carp, cats and silverfish.

Because restrictions are located at the range of anglers allowed to fish the specimen lake (most 10) at any person time it is best available with the aid of booking. However, once on web page anglers aren’t confined to which peg they can fish. To book please call 07399 435512.

Address: Ingatestone Rd, Stock, Ingatestone CM4 9PD
Phone: 07399 435512

Baits – Boilie, Pellets, Corn, Maggots, Worm, Bread..

A12 Cuton Lakes, Chelmsford Essex.

A12 Cuton Lakes offers coarse fishing for pleasure fisherman and specimen fisherman.

This fishery has been very famous over the previous few years with it containing precise head of large Carp, Tench and Bream over its 3 exclusive lakes.

Had a few days here last year, on the match lake with method feeder, had around 90 small carp for about 6 hour pleasure fishing, even my grandson had a small carp to. Lover place a great people running it.

Address: Brook End Rd S, Chelmer Village, Chelmsford CM2 6NX
Phone: 07946 847703

Mostly a carp water here, Match and specimen – Carp to over 40lb Tench over 12lb Perch over 4lb

Baits – Ground-bait and corn done the trick for me, Boilies, Pellets, Corn, Maggots, Worm, Bread..

Newland Hall Fishery, Chelmsford, Essex Day Ticket Fishing lakes.

Newlands – some of the pleasant Carp Fishing Lakes in Essex ….

Day and Night Ticket – Carp – Pleasure – Match

The Newland Hall Country Estate is located four miles west of Chelmsford, Essex. It includes a big picturesque 15th century Tudor Manor House with a moat, beautiful gardens and over 100 acres of grass and wooded area with four top notch fishing lakes surrounded with the aid of unspoilt nation-state.

The 4 fishing lakes at Newlands overall approximately 10 acres. They are all very well managed, very tidy and are closely stocked. There is sufficient close by parking, toilets and clean drinking water.

The Brook Lake is pegged for 50. It is closely stocked with common and replicate carp up to 30lb, roach and tench. The lake is right for carp, match or pleasure fishing.

The Moat Lake is pegged for 30. It could be very heavily stocked with not unusual and replicate carp and roach. The average fish is smaller than the Brook Lake, which makes it perfect for each coarse or match fishing. Match winning weights frequently exceed 300lb.

The Lake is pegged for 15. It is stocked to a similar density to the Moat Lake with a excessive density of carp and roach, and consequently is ideal for coarse fishing and small matches.

Address: Bishops Stortford Road, Roxwell, Chelmsford CM1 4LH
Phone: 01245 231010

Baits – Ground-bait, Boilies, Pellets, Paste, Corn, Maggots, Worm, Bread..

Arrans Lake, Ingatestone Road, Chelmsford.

Entire Farm is a fantastic coarse fishery in Essex.

This properly set up venue is a superbly stocked carp water with specimens in the predominant 45 peg lake well into double figures. Has carp, tench, bream, roach and chub are all in this one. The lake with its shallow margins and reed lined make this an all day margin frenzy.

The 15 peg small lake holds carp with a few Koi here and there. This lake has greater features than the primary lake with a small island the principle feature.

Main Lake – Love this lake, all you need is a strong float rod and reel with 6 to 8lb line. A big bag of feed pellets and around four five big tins of corn.. Fish 12 – 18inches depth and 18 inches from the bank.. HOLD ON..

Small Lake – Pretty much the same as above, but can also blast a method feeder anywhere and you’ll catch all day.

Address: Ingatestone Road, Chelmsford, CM1 3, Essex, United Kingdom
Phone: +441277352404
No website.

Baits – Ground-bait, Boilies, Pellets, Paste, Corn, Maggots.

Mainly Carp, bream and Tench.

Bentley Fishery – Carp Lake, Mores Ln, Brentwood.

Bentley is a 3 half acre forty year vintage lake which sits nestled in the Essex nation-state. The Essex lake gives 8 nicely built swims giving every fisherman enough room for bivvies and fishing equipment.

Bentley has carp to just under 30lb, and just a beautiful lake to fish and enjoy.

Address: Mores Ln, Brentwood CM14 5RU
Phone: 07939 074089

Baits – Boilie, Pop-ups, Hemp, Particle, Large Pellet.

Fish – Common Carp, Mirror Carp.

Churchgate Lakes, Battles-bridge Essex Day Ticket Fishing lakes.

Nestled inside the undulating Essex nation-state, Churchgate Lakes offers some of the finest fishing available in the Essex. Set amidst a lovely 20-acre estate, the fishery is produced from 3 lakes, each closely stocked with large fish and a various range of species all to Specimen.

The lake consist of – The Bottom lake – The Top lake – Middle lake, (Members).

This one is a day ticket water on the bottom and top lake and middle lake being the members only lake.

Address: Rectory Lane, Battlesbridge, SS11 7QR, Essex, United Kingdom
Phone: +447798902315

Baits – Ground-bait, Boilies, Pellets, Paste, Corn, Maggots Bread, Worms, Caster, Hemp.

North Benfleet Hall Fishery, Benfleet, Essex Day Ticket Fishing lakes.

North Benfleet Hall is an terrific five acre lake attracting specimen anglers, match, pleasure anglers and families.

North Benfleet Hall is a nicely established and productive mixed fishery and objectives to offer anglers with an terrific fishing time. Hall fishery is set in 7.half acres of Essex farmland.

With a mixture of fish weighing as much as 30lb, North Benfleet Hall does no longer disappoint. The fishery is open 365 days a yr, 7 days a week with both day and night tickets to be had. Night have to be booked.

This one is like five minute drive for me, dad loves it here to, as we are both regulars here.

Feeder and pole work lovely here, me and my dad mostly do method feeder fishing here and both have had good days with at least 30lb 50lbs bags for dad. And I average around 80lbs – 120lbs on any good day here.

Address: North Benfleet Hall Road, Wickford, SS12 9JR, Essex, United Kingdom
Phone: 07790 845358

Mostly Common Carp, Mirror Carp, few Ghost carp, Tench, Bream, Roach.

Baits, Pellet & Corn, Pellets & Meat, Boilie, Fishmeal Ground-baits, Hailbet pellets.

Day tickets are £10 day £10 Nights.


Steve Marsh