Camera Glasses – Ultimate Guide 2019

This article has been written to give you an idea of some of the features that you may want in a pair of camera glasses

It should give you an idea of some of the fun things you can use your new glasses for recording, and uses you may not have thought of!

Finally, it will recommend glasses for a number of common situations.

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If you do not have time to read the full article, but want to find the best camera glasses for your needs? Below are my recommendations! However, the full article has a lot of information on the features you may need!

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1 Waterproof   
2 General Sports   
3 Professional / Indoor   
4 Covert / Spy   
5 Fishing   
6 Personal / General

Camera Glasses can now be purchased with very good video cameras, sound recording and Bluetooth earpieces, giving them a multitude of uses. Read on to get an idea of the features you want and uses you can put your new glasses to

I was researching the best Camera Glasses for fishing, as this is a fishing Tec site. However, I realized after I had finished that it would make sense for this to be a general article on these glasses. Once you have a pair of camera glasses, you can use them for most of the other situations mentioned in the article, and you may see some extra features that you would like and buy a higher-end pair. So read the whole article if considering buying video recording glasses

Some uses include: Mountain Climbing, Biking, Fishing, Scouting, Camping, Traveling, Driving, Hunting, Shooting, Driving, Cycling, Riding, Fishing, Motorcycling, Outdoor Sports, Public speaking and Exams

Most of the other articles I have seen, list the best ten pairs of glasses and give a description of each. I will attempt to suggest the right glasses for different uses (Sport, professional, Water sports, Discreet & general use), as well as listing the features that are available. You may decide that you want low-light compatible glasses, or glasses that you can have prescription lens fitted

Common Uses For Video Recording Glasses


Open-Air Activities And Outdoor Events.

Video Recording Glasses are used by people when doing outdoor things, because it allows them to film the experience exactly as they are seeing it at the time. Everything that they personally see is going to be recorded on to the video. If you were to take it while running, you would record the full experience, including their breath getting heavier as they started running up that hill. When you watch the video again, your mind will be taken right back to the whole experience.

You can also use your camera glasses to give an audio report of what you are seeing and doing, for your friends, or even to make educational / YouTube videos to share with other people.

There is no problem when you want to video some of the action, simply press a button, and then look at whatever it is that you wish to record. If you are out fishing for example and someone hooks a large fish, one press of a button, and everything you see is recorded. The glasses will be on your face, so there is nothing to fetch or setup.

Touring And Travelling

Touring and Travelling is another everyday use for camera glasses. Whenever visiting attractions, tourist spots, or the beach, your glasses are always with you. You can easily take pictures and videos of all of your destinations. We have all been in the situation where you see something that would make a great photo, but by the time you have got your camera ready, the shot is gone. A single press to your glasses and that moment is captured forever.

Camera glasses allow you to record your experiences and adventures, and share them with your family, friends, and people on social networks, letting them see places that they may never otherwise experience

Water Sports

Water sports and activities can now be captured with your camera glasses, as you can get glasses that are either water-resistant or completely waterproof. This includes things like waterparks, swimming pools, kayaking, windsurfing, and boating. At some of these events you may not get wet, but if you will be spending a lot of time on, or near the water, then getting glasses that can take some splashes is always a good idea.

I include fishing in this category, as when fishing, there is always a lot of water around! I have personally never dropped my glasses into the water when fishing, but have been caught it the rain on more than one occasion, so waterproof, or at least water-resistant glasses should be considered

Family Events

Family Events, gatherings, weddings, etc. It is always nice to have memories of your family events to look back on. Of course, there is no reason that you can’t capture all of these on a regular camera, but having camera glasses has a few advantages. For starters you can join in with all of the fun, as you are hands-free and just looking at what you want to record, you are less conspicuous at the event, and people (especially children) will act more naturally when there is no visible camera pointed at them.

Also, if the guests do not know you have camera glasses, you will be able to record an entirely authentic event.

Allowing someone to capture an experience from another viewpoint. Once you have these glasses, you can let other people, who maybe do not have the technical experience to use a video camera to capture an occasion from their personal perspective. For example at a birthday party, if the birthday girl is a child or older person, you can put the glasses on them and hit the record button

Professional Use.

Some people find camera glasses useful in capturing videos for their work. This can include things like videoing a job where there may be a situation — for example, repossessing a car or something similar. The camera glasses can be used to record all of the proceedings, including any paperwork and the actual collection and condition of the vehicle, leaving the hands free to do the job. Should there be any problems at a later date, you have a video of the whole situation.

In a similar vein, you can record video and audio to make training videos for your employees or colleagues, where it would be difficult to make alone with a standard camera — e.g., changing the head gasket on a car. As you look around the engine, the viewer will see what you see, and you can speak, saying what you need to do, and all the time your hands are free, to do the work. You do not have to move the camera manually to get a shot of a different area

Replacing Other Video Recording Technology.

Many people use video camera glasses in place of where they would have used other recording devices. You can get GoPro content, without having to strap a device onto the body or your helmet. It’s just a lot simpler! You can also capture moments that would be hard to get using other more obvious cameras, as mentioned, recording kids, etc.

Of course, the main reason that video camera glasses are used in place of other technologies, is the fact that you know exactly what is being recorded – it’s what you are seeing (unlike a GoPro when strapped to yourself), and it is 100% hands-free.

This means that it can be easily and legally used in more situations, for example driving your car through a beautiful landscape, the glasses are far easier for you to use than recording it on your smartphone.

The final point in this category, as it probably one of the only recording devices that allows you to forget that you are videoing the occasion, and join in with the fun, giving a much more natural recording

Recording And Saving Videos.

A lot of people like to keep videos of notable events, birthdays, graduations, etc., and share them with friends and family. These tend to be shared on social media accounts, and these become diaries, or personal archives after a while. Camera glasses are the perfect device to record these memories

Features Available In Recording Glasses

UV Protection – Everyone knows now, that UV light is harmful. Glasses with UV Protection help to protect your eyes from exposure to these rays

Weight – Camera glasses are light. However, some of the more substantial pairs may be uncomfortable after a while

Polarized lenses – These give increased glare protection, they have a filter that blocks a lot of intense reflected light. Similar to that you get off bodies of water

Case – Not all glasses come with a hard case. You will need one of these to protect your glasses

Bluelight-blocking – This type of glass are supposed to stop digital eye strain, which can disrupt your sleeping cycle

Impact-resistant – Stronger glasses that will not shatter, should something hit them

Waterproof/Water resistant. These glasses can be used in the water (waterproof) or get the occasional splash of water on them (water-resistant)

Live stream – The video that is being recorded can be watched live as it is happening, in a remote location

Wifi – Recording glasses can connect to Wifi points for live streaming, or phone calls

Bluetooth – Recording glasses can connect to Bluetooth for live streaming, or phone calls

Ear-piece – Recording glasses come with earpieces, people can talk to you while viewing your live stream, giving you instructions/advice

Audio – Recording glasses have a built-in microphone so that the video will include the sounds as it was filmed

Remote – Allows the camera to be operated from your hand, or pocket, if discretion is important.

Battery life – How long can you film for on a single charge (About an hour is average

Os-support – Do the Recording Glasses support your computers operating system? The most common ones (Windows/Mac) will be

HD/1080p/4k – Can the video recording glasses record in high definition?

Raw – Can the spy camera glasses take photos in the RAW format?

Viewing-angle – What is the viewing angle of the spy camera glasses? (How far to each side is recorded in the video?)

Zoom – You will not get good zoom in hidden camera glasses, as compared to standard cameras. Also, there will be no flash

SD card – How big a card, and what is the maximum size of card that can be used in the hidden camera glasses. Usually, the battery will run out before the card is full

IR / Night vision – spy camera glasses will work in the dark, not so common

Prescription lens compatible – the lens in the glasses can be replaced with your prescription lens

Manual settings – Exposure, white balance, contrast, color saturation, sharpness, video quality (compression amount), audio volume, light frequency (50/60hz), on-screen Date/time display, resolution (720/1080), beep (on/off), etc can be set manually

Waterproof Camera Glasses

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Reasons: Waterproof glasses with great reviews
“Video and audio are amazing”

General Sports Camera Glasses

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Reasons: Tough glasses, great for any situation, good reviews
“Amazingly perfect!”

Professional / Indoor Camera Glasses

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Reasons: Regular glasses (not sunglasses), great reviews
“wow, better than expected”

Covert / Spy Camera Glasses

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Reasons: sons: Regular glasses (not sunglasses), great reviews
“wow, better than expected”

Fishing Camera Glasses

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Reasons: Waterproof, strong, good reviews
“Great alround glasses”

Personal / General

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Reasons: Great all round glasses, Good Reviews
“Really good glasses”

Other Questions

Are Spy sunglasses good?

There are good, and not so good versions of spy sunglasses. If you want to get a cheap pair from the likes of Alibaba, they will be less than perfect. If you want a better pair from amazon, it is going to work better - if you go for the expensive pair. The extra expense goes in to the cost of the camera.


Does Google Glass have a camera?

Yes, Google do have glasses. However, the cost of them are about $1,500, and that assumes that you can get them.


How can you tell if Spy sunglasses are real?

To tell if glasses are real, you will need to look at the frames, especially between the eyes. That is usually where the camera is, and on "spy" glasses it will be hidden. However, if someone is wearing these glasses, it should look bulky in this area.


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